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What are some GUI clients for Git? (Or) Update the code in git?

What are some GUI clients for Git?git gui - graphical commit tool, in Tcl/Tk, distributed with Git (usually in git-gui package)
git-cola - uses PyQt4
install all git gui tools sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install git-all Usage of git Gui 1)Project folder -> git gui 2)add the what are the files need to be commit 3)Add the git commit name 4)git push origin master

 git-cola also same as the git gui

Difference between rake db:migrate db:reset and db:schema:load in rails?

Difference between rake db:migrate db:reset and db:schema:load in rails?
db:migrateruns (single) migrations that have not run yet.
db:createcreates the database
db:dropdeletes the database
db:schema:loadcreates tables and columns within the (existing) database following schema.rb
db:setupdoes db:create, db:schema:load, db:seed
db:resetdoes db:drop, db:setup
Normally, db:migrate used after having made changes to the schema via new migration files after creating db i.e when db already exists.
db:schema:load is used when you setup a new instance of your app.

Creating Branches In git?

Creating Branches In git?

1)git checkout -b newbranchname
2)git add .
3)git commit -m "first commit on new branch"
4)git push origin newbranchname

Switching from one branch to another branch
git checkout branchname

Localchanges not requires
git stash

Conflict with git merges
1)git stash
2)git pull
3)git stash pop

git merge branchname

Git checkout with master
git chekout master

Checking the git branch

 git branch

git pull = git fetch + git merge Git update the only for particular commitsgit cherry-pick gitcommitidChange mode permissions for filechmod 600 filename