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Ruby on rails Interview questions for experience?

Ruby on rails Interview questions for experience?

1)What is the difference between include and extend?
2)How to convert the string to integer in jquery?
3)What are the changes in ruby2.2.0?
4)What is the tubolinks?
5)What is the strong parameterized?
6)What are the acess speicifiers in rails?
7)What is the Habtm?
8)How to get the second maxmimun highet age from user table?
9)How to write the class methods?
10)What is the module?
11)Jquery click and bind functions explain?
12)What is the Russian Doll Caching?
13)What is the difference between proc and lamda?
14)What is the scope?
15)What is the caching?
16)What are the associations?
17)what is the mvc?
18)What are variables in rails?
19)How to set the tablename  in rails?
20)What is the difference between ruby hash and parameters hash?
21)How to call the class methods in rails?
22)What is the difference between mysql and postgresql?
23)What is the crontask?What gem used for crontask?
24)How to implement custom validation in rails?
25)Rails resource :users -> list out all the routes
26)What is the callbacks? How many callbacks are available?
27)What is the filters? How many filters are available?
28)What is the difference between the collection and memember in routes?
29)What is the nested resoures?
30)What is the use of concerns in rails4?
31)What are the selectors in jquery?
32)What is the difference between has_and_belongs_to_many and has_many through?
33)What is the capistrano?How to deploy the using capistrano  in rails?
34)What is the bdd and tdd?
35)Difference between class and module?
36)What is the activerecord?
37)What is the rake?and use of rake?
38)What is the use of seeds in rails?
39)What is the difference between application server and webserver?
40)Write the search dropdown in jquery?
41)What is the use of factorygirl in rails?
42)Hash with get maximun key and value in rails?
43)Difference between rails2 and rails3?
44)Diffrerence between ruby1.9.3 and ruby2.0.0?
45)Difference between rails3 and rails4?
46)What is default scope in rails?
47)What is function of garbage collection in Ruby on Rails?
48)What is difference between render and redirect?
49)What is orm?
50)what is convention overconfiguration in rails?
51)How to define class?
52)What is REST in rails?
53)What is Ruby Gems?
54)What is Gemfile and Gemfile.lock?
55)Ruby support multipleinheritance ? How can we implement?
56)What is layouts?
57)What is the purpose of  yield?
58)What is observers and how can we will implement observers in rails?
59)What is the ploymorphic associations? explain?
60)What is minitest?
61)What is unit testing?
62)What is functional testing?
63)What is integration testing?
64)What are the joins in mysql and explain?
65)What is the agile methodology?
66)Difference between symbol and string?
67)What is the request.xhr?
68)How to Upload the images in rails?
69)What is thread-safe?
70)What is the thread?
71)What is the difference between nil and false in ruby?
72)What is the difference between git and githib?
73)What is the svn?
74)How to change the one column all records change the uppercase in mysql?


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request.ip ->returns the ip, whether is is a local proxy ip (localhost address) or not.
*request.remote_ip -> is smarter and gets the ip address of the client outside of local proxies.
3)If you are using apache in front of a mongrel, then remote_ip will return the source address of the request, which in this case will be local host because the Apache web server is making the request, so instead put this in your controller:

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1)change the gemfile in mysql version
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