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What is attr_accessor in Rails?

What is attr_accessor in Rails?

attr_accessor is used to define an attribute for object of Model which is not mapped with any column in database. This answers question - What is attr_accessor in Rails.
1. attr_accessor Methods

attr_accessor creates two methods i.e. getter method and setter method.
getter method - it is used to retrieve value of the attribute
setter method - it is used to set value to the attribute
When to use attr_accessor in Rails?

Whenever you want to show certain attribute for particular form but you do not want to store it's value in the database then you use attr_accessor for that model as follows,
Suppose we have a Model called user in out database with following fields,


And we define attr_accessor :type_of_user as follows,

Class User < ActiveRecord::Base
   attr_accessor :type_of_user

Now, whenever you create a object of the class User then you can assign a value to it's attr_accessor.

new_user = => 'Albert', :age => 23, :city => 'Ports S.')

This will create new object of class User and assign given attribute values. You can assign value to attr_accessor variable as follows,

new_user.type_of_user = 'middle-aged'

This assigns 'middle-aged' value to the attribute type_of_user attr_accessor.
getter and setter in Action

For attribute type_of_user getter and setter methods are created as follows,

# getter
def type_of_user

# setter
def type_of_user=(val)
  @type_of_user = val

And these are used whenever we assign or retrieve values from the attr_accessor.
2. Lifetime of attr_accessor

attr_accessor is accessible throughout object's lifecycle. When object is saved using any of ActiveRecord method, save, update etc. all attributes of Model other than attr_accessor are saved in the database.
How to Access

Throughout lifecycle of object, you can access the value of attribute accessor as follows,


and can be used for any operation as you do with normal attribute value.


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